The Truth About Beauty – Esthetic Dentistry for Your Best Smile

Esthetic dentistry can be used for therapeutic needs as well as smile enhancement. Both uses have the same result in mind – a healthy, functional, and attractive smile!

Randleman & Asheboro Porcelain Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a fabulous way to enhance or repair your front teeth! Very minimal tooth structure is removed when preparing the teeth to accept thin shells of luminous porcelain. Veneers are wonderful option for:

  • closing gaps or spaces between teeth
  • repairing chipped or fractured teeth
  • creating straighter looking teeth
  • whitening stained or discolored teeth
  • restoring lost tooth structure from decay or wear
  • improving the look of your smile and your bite
  • recreating the natural look of your teeth

Randleman & Asheboro Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a versatile treatment that we use to repair cracked or broken teeth, adjust your bite, close small gaps, or cover badly stained teeth, among others! The process requires technical skill as well as creative artistry to apply and sculpt the thin layers of resin that make up the finished product. Drs. Amy and Brandon Williams both have the advanced training required to create a beautiful finished product for your smile!

Asheboro Smile Whitening Treatment

If your teeth are stained or yellow, then tooth whitening may be just the thing to restore and renew your smile. In just an hour, we can whiten your teeth in our office. Or, if you’d rather whiten at home, we can fabricate prescription-strength whitening trays to use at your convenience.

Asheboro Smile Makeovers

At Williams Dentistry, we’re definitely not a “one size fits all” practice! We consider not only the individual patient, but your unique, comprehensive oral health when considering treatment. A complete smile makeover can comprise any or all of the esthetic dental techniques offered by Dr. Brandon and Dr. Amy. The result? A smile that’s just perfect—for you!