The Dental Implant Solution for Lost Teeth

If you’ve lost one or more teeth, you may experience physical pain and other symptoms. But there’s emotional pain and loss as well. You don’t want dentures, even a partial. You want your smile back!

Tooth loss can have long-term consequences for your health and appearance. Just as you can lose bone mass if you don’t or can’t exercise, your jaw can lose mass without the stimulation of biting and chewing.

Dr. Brandon and Dr. Amy work closely with exceptional surgeons to plan the location of dental implants to achieve optimum function and superior esthetics. The implants, typically small titanium cylinders, are placed directly into the jaw bone, replacing the roots of your lost teeth. Once the implants are secure, individual artificial teeth (crowns) are anchored to them.

Even dentures can be secured to dental implants, creating a much more stable denture that functions like natural teeth. Implants are strong, functional and attractive. And even better, you have your smile back, the way it’s supposed to be!

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This patient lost a front tooth due to fracture. He also wanted the esthetics better on the other front tooth, so we did two things:

  1. dental implant for the missing tooth
  2. replaced the other front crown that he disliked


This patient was an All-on-4 case, in which 4 implants were placed on the lower arch. A screw-retained fixed prosthesis is in place over the implants, functioning like real teeth.