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Williams DentistryLosing a dental filling can be a scary experience, but your dentist in Asheboro wants to remind you not to panic. There are many reasons why a filling can become loose or completely fall out, and it’s important to seek treatment quickly. But other than that, what should you do now? We’ve put together some essential things you can do if you lose a filling. 

Call Your Dentist in Asheboro

The very first step you should take if you lose a filling is to call your dentist to schedule an appointment. If it happens after hours or when your dentist is closed, leave a message so the team can call you back quickly and get you in. The worst thing you can do is wait too long to have your tooth looked at. In fact, the longer treatment is withheld the more likely it is that other problems will develop. 

‘Baby’ Your Tooth

Prior to your dental appointment, it’s important to take extra special care of your tooth to keep bacteria from settling into the old restoration area. You should absolutely still brush your teeth, just perhaps a little more gently than normal. This can remove any bacteria that already found their way into your restoration. Swishing your mouth with warm water can also remove bacteria and any leftover food debris. Warm salt water can also help reduce pain or discomfort. 

Reduce Discomfort

Speaking of pain and discomfort, it’s common to experience tooth sensitivity and ‘zingers’ when you lose a filling. If you can, take over-the-counter pain medications to help manage your pain. However, be cautious about using dental cement to try to replace the filling on your own. This material is messy and can actually damage the tooth and restoration more. Leave treatment to your dentist in Asheboro

Avoid Certain Foods

If your tooth is feeling sensitive, try to avoid eating foods that are hot or cold. Foods and drinks of extreme temperatures can make tooth sensitivity worse. You should also avoid eating hard foods like candy and pretzels as they could break your tooth. 

What If Your Filling Is Just Loose?

A loose filling is a failing filling, and it’s still crucial to see your dentist in Asheboro quickly. In the meantime, try to gently remove the filling so you don’t swallow it, which can put you at risk of choking. 

If your filling is loose or you’ve had one fall out, schedule an appointment with your dentist sooner rather than later. None of the above recommendations are meant for long-term use, and the longer you wait to get treatment the more complex treatment may be.